The effects of probiotics on risk and time preferences. Article published in Nature Scientific Reports in July 2022.

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Reduced risk-taking behavior during frontal oscillatory theta band neurostimulation. Article published in Brain Research in February 2021.

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Poster of the complete study on Risk-taking behavior modulation using tACS presented in 2019 Neuroeconomics society meeting in Dublin and in the Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Workshop held by the University of Minesotta (online due to COVID-19) 2020 and the NeuroPsychoEconomics conference (online due to COVID-19) 2020.

Risk-taking tACS Complete – PosterDownload

Poster of the preliminary results of the study investigating the effects of the gut-brain axis on decision-making presented in the NeuroPsychoEconomics conference (online due to COVID-19) 2020.

Gut-feeling – PosterDownload

Poster of the study on modulating Risk taking behavior using tACS, presented in the Future-proof science symplosium in Maastricht University 2018.