Aline Dantas Sem classificação Maastricht Summer School – Consumer Neuroscience and Neurobusiness

Maastricht Summer School – Consumer Neuroscience and Neurobusiness

Applications open for the Maastricht Summer School on Consumer Neuroscience and Neurobusiness.

This summer we will bring a special course on consumer neuroscience and neurobusiness open to the public, and no previous knowledge is necessary.

It will give you an overview of the crescent field of consumer neuroscience. Moreover, we will explore the applications of neurosciences in different fields such as neuroeconomics and neuromarketing.

Properly understanding the potential and limitations of these applications and being able to develop innovative ways of using neuroscientific techniques in different contexts is the final objective of this course.

The course will include lectures and workshops during four days of intensive learning. Finally, we expect you to be able to come up with your own proposal of research using neuroscientific methods in the market.

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