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Aline Dantas is a neuroeconomist, specialist in applied neuroscience and a PhD promovendus in human decision making. Aline worked for 10 years in the marketing of major corporations such as Nike and Adidas, always focused in consumer behavior. More recently she focused in her academic career researching decision making under risk and uncertainty.

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Human Decision Making

This research line focuses on the underlying neural mechanisms of decision making. We aim to understand how humans decide in complex and social contexts in order to generate valuable contributions to academia and society. This research line utilizes Brain Stimulation-induced behavioral modulation to determine the functional relevance of different cortical areas and its involvement with decision making in particular contexts.

This research line is part of the Human Decision and Policy Design research line in partnership with the School of Business and Economics in Maastricht University.

Research team

  • MSc. Aline Dantas
  • Prof. dr. Alexander T. Sack
  • Dr. Teresa Schuhmann
  • Prof. dr. Elisabeth Bruggen
  • Dr. Peiran Jiao